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The TENKAI PALM Masterclass

The TENKAI PALM Masterclass

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A TENKAI PALM masterclass
1.5 Hours Digital Video - Streaming + Download

This is one of the most devastatingly deceptive palming techniques ever.  This deception allows the artist to hide any number of playing cards with a very unique technique that allows thew hand to appear completely empty and free to offer other actions.

In this immense Masterclass, Madison teaches absolutely everything that you need to know to master his Tenkai Palm and all of the wonderful possibilities, performances and ideas that it can be used for.  This paling technique opens up a whole world of possibilities and in this intimate project, Madison will help you become a master at all of the deceptions that you will use it for...

This Project is also available as part of the MASTERCLASS COLLECTION
or FREE for members of The MALLIANCE at

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