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The MARKED DECK Masterclass

The MARKED DECK Masterclass

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The MARKED DECK Masterclass, a brand new workshop from Daniel Madison in which he teaches everything that you need to know about how to use a Marked Deck of Playing Cards…

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A ‘MARKED DECK’ is a deck of playing cards that has secret markings on the back of every card, each revealing the identity of the card to the Magician. The Magician can instantly tell the identity of any card in the deck without ever needing to see its face.  The secret markings on the back of the BANGERS Playing Cards are cleverly hidden in the tattoos of the cartoon hands. They are obvious to the Magician yet imperceptible and invisible to the unknowing naked eye of the participant.

The BANGERS Playing Cards feature Madison’s tattoos on cartoon hands.  Madison’s 9 of CLUBS tattoo can be seen on the middle finger of the right hand, and this is where the secret markings are.  On every card, that 9 of CLUBS changes to secretly reveal the identity of the card.  This tattoo blends in with all of the other tattoos on the cartoon hands and is easy to read once the marking system has been mastered, yet impossible to see by those unaware.

In this 2-hour Masterclass, Madison teaches everything from the ground up, starting with the markings themselves, but more importantly followed by everything that he has learnt from the cold school of experience.  Knowing where the markings are and how to read them are the easy parts, the real skill comes from knowing when to read the markings and how to hide that moment from your audience.  Madison only ever teaches that which he has learnt from experience, and through trial and error over the past 25 years, he brings his knowledge and expertise into this intricate and MADnificent Masterclass. 

You will learn about:

- Performance, behaviours and the right body language that will help you implement a marked deck into your performances with natural grace
- Which acts and presentations are designed to hide the ‘readings’ moments whilst misleading your audience from ever even wondering if you could be using a marked deck.

Madison spends the first half of this Masterclass teaching you how to use the deck to your advantage without ever being found out, followed by a series of powerful deceptions and card tricks that are only possible with a marked deck - all new tricks that Madison has never shared before.

Here’s everything that is included in The MARKED DECK MASTERCLASS by Daniel Madison...

00:00:00  -  INTRODUCTION
00:02:36  -  HOW TO Read a Marked Deck of Cards
00:05:33  -  BLOOD and Lessons from The COLD School
00:08:50  -  The PERFECT Selection
00:18:28  -  READING from a Shuffled Deck
00:23:53  -  TELLTAIL - A story from my Marked Deck Training
00:30:03  -  TELLTAIL
00:38:13  -  UPJOG
00:40:42  -  The READER Switch / Transposition
00:44:14  -  A PERFECT Match
00:56:36  -  The 9th Accomplice
01:06:24  -  SPEED READ
01:10:28  -  PREDICTED CAAN
01:19:44  -  MISC. Marked Deck Ideas
01:27:17  -  SIX Sense
01:35:05  -  The KINGS Prediction
01:43:18  -  MAGIC is DEAD

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