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KNUCKLES Sleight-of-Hand / Cardistry Workshop

KNUCKLES Sleight-of-Hand / Cardistry Workshop

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A one-handed false-cut sequence ending in a pop-out / shoot-out move with the participants named or selected playing card.

KNUCKLES is a knuckle-busting one-handed false cut, using only one hand, the deck is cut multiple times, packets move, twist and spin in unnatural ways leading up to a single card being seen to shoot out of the middle of the deck, spin through the air to be caught by the Magician or the participant and of course, it’s the participants selected ( or named ) playing card!  Best of all, at the end, the deck has not changed order and is still in the same order as it was before the execution of KNUCKLES!

This one is challenging, but I mark its difficulty at 3 out 5 as some of the hard moves are repeated and look much more challenging than they actually are.  And with my help in this special workshop, you’ll be able to achieve and perform KNUCKLES in no time at all.

KNUCKLES is a 22:22 minute Video Training Workshop with in-depth and intricate teaching directly from Daniel Madison.  This project is a Video Download / Streaming Video.

You can watch the full introduction to this workshop right now, here...

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