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This is a Deck Transposition AND a pseudo-deck-switch, and it all depends on how you choose to perform it...  This deceptive method allows you to create the illusion of a deck switch right in front of your participant and even with the deck in their hands...

The Magician presents two different decks - a BLACK deck and a RED deck - and invites the participant to choose one, they choose the BLACK deck.  The Magician places the RED deck in his pocket.  He then shuffles the BLACK deck and offers a few cuts to the deck.  One the final cut, the BLACK deck appears to instantly become the RED deck...  It can be immediately inspected as the Magician then removes form his pocket... The BLACK deck!

In this 52-minute in-depth workshop, Madison covers absolutely everything from the ground up, every variation and different handlings.  Even though this will give your audience the illusion that you have an incredible skill, the actual skill level is about 2 out of 10!  Once you know the setup, the Transposition is virtually self-working.

It is also worth noting that in this MAD METHODS workshop I also teach the TRIPLE CUT Flourish - a false three-packet flourish that does not disturb the order of the deck, so if you just want the Flourish, it's in this workshop. And another note, you don't have to execute the TRIPLE CUT in this trick, I just chose it as a way to demonstrate that the BLACK ACOLYTES's were still in play until that very last moment - something that will only make sense if you watch the workshop!

This workshop is a 52-Video Download / Streaming Video
You can also get this workshop as a free benefit at The MALLIANCE

Watch the full introduction and all demonstrations in this video...

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