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Please note, this page is for the 2022 Digital PDF edition only

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"I believe that magic, in performance, is at its purest when it has nothing to hide, when we strive for this as creators & storytellers, with a purpose to prove the existence of magic, our mysteries & Devilry become worthy representations & demonstrations of what could be, actual magic.

Within this book I present 52 ideas for modern magic & close-up deceptions with a deck of playing cards.

52 tricks, ploys, creations & deceptions, designed & developed over a 20-year career to create the most powerful versions of their former ideas. 52 simply powerful & directly impactful tricks that I have become the most proud of.

In my quest to leave behind the most meaningful memento of my work, entries that would truly represent ‘Madison’ as a performance artist, of deception, Devilry & sleight-of-hand. For this book alone, I would burn everything before it, & produce nothing more after it.

This is 52. My most beloved, most treasured & proudest offering to the Deceptive Arts. The only work that I wish to leave behind. The only work that I hope to be remembered for.

I am Daniel Madison. I know that I am not here forever, but in offering this book, perhaps my legacy will be."

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