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REVELATIONS Gaffs + Workshop

REVELATIONS Gaffs + Workshop

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These are The REVELATIONS GAFF CARDS to go with The REVELATIONS Playing Cards.

This collection is limited to only 222 units and includes 9 Gaff Playing Cards and a complete workshop from Madison teaching you how to use each card along with your Revelations Playing cards...

1 x 9 of CLUBS AZ Gaff Card & 1 x 6 of DIAMONDS AZ Gaff Card.
These cards appear normal and perfectly blend in with the deck, yet they have a hidden torn corner printed on their backs.  In the effect, the Magician rips the index corner of one of these cards and balances it on the back of the card, where it is seen to merge with the card becoming an impossible object.

This is designed to look like an innocent AD-Card, displaying some 'Revelations Marketing' on the front and a list of possible Poker-Hands on the back, but this list actually doubles up as a stack list.  The deck would be stacked in this order and on taking the cards out of the deck, the 'Ad-Card' would be thrown aside, conveniently landing face-up close-by offering the Magician a secret revelation of the position of every card in the deck.
This card also lends itself to one of Madison's well known Poker Tricks - The POKER LESSON, which is taught um great detail in the Workshop that is included with these gaff cards.

The REVELATIONS Jokers and Gaff Joker
The Revelation Jokers as seen in the images ( showing Madison and Charlie on one card and Arya Harris ( the designer ) on the other ) are NOT included in the Revelations playing cards, this collection is the only way to get them.  They have also been created to offer Madison's take on 2-Card-Monte and also include the essential card for this trick - a double-facer with the jokers on either side.  This double-face gaff also lends itself to MANY other tricks that Madison also teaches in the Workshop.

Tis is a 2 of Hearts with the design of a Sharpie pen printed on the back.  The cared is rolled-up and a Sharpie lid added to the top, making the gaff look like a real Sharpie.  The word 'Sharpie' has also been modified to offer a revelation of the card before the participant even realises that they are holding a playing card!
This trick can be seen demonstrated in Madison's The DECEPTION ARTIST video.

This Gaff collection also includes an alternative Queen of Spades featuring the face of Suzan Sausage.  Suzan holds a sausage in one hand but also a revelation of the 4 of HEARTS.  This card is offered for a few different tricks and of course, the most powerful tool in a deck of cards - a duplicate!

Each collection includes a single card that has either the PINK or BLOOD RED Revelations design on the back.  These cards are blank on the front so that Madison can personalise a note for each collector.  These will be included at random so you will either get the Pink or the Red card.

Madison always includes extras where possible, one of which will be a single, random playing card from a rare Madison deck, signed and personalised to each collector.

Take a closer look at the Revelations and the GAFFS included in this video...


The REVELATIONS Playing Cards are FREE for The LIONS DEN 

Please note, this is a pre-sale...
The REVELATIONS will soon be fulfilled after the BLACK Acolytes and PINK CHARLATANS
Expected delivery JULY 2024 from MADMAIL FULFILMENT UK

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