The Devil's Advocate - Limited CHERRY Edition

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This is a very limited edition of the DEVILS ADVOCATE POKET index, including a 2nd edition Cherry Advocates deck, printed on a slightly darker 'Blood Red' - which includes new court cards and a few new upgrades...

The index is printed on a strong, standard finish tuck box with 'DON'T. PLAY CARDS WITH THE DEVIL' printed on the outer right side - nobody will ever see this deck, unless you're teaching or showing it off! ( of if you switch tucks! )

The 'Performance' Tuck is printed on a brand new extra toughened, experimental tuck, using a high-gloss finish - built to withstand a LOT of use but also so that you can instantly recognise them out of the box set.

The box set also includes a random, signed playing card from Daniel Madison and also a full length training video on how to construct and use the device including brand new material.

For the main effect, the performer shows that he only has one single poking card with him, he places it face down on the surface so that nobody knows its identity.  He invites the participant to freely name ANY playing card, for example, the 7 of Spades.

When the card is turned over, it is revealed to be the King of Diamonds.  Believing the trick to have gone wrong, the performer invites the participant to closer inspect the hand of the King of Diamonds, where they find printed in his hand, their feely named playing card, the 7 of Spades.

The performer then states that he resembles the Kings of Diamonds and draws attention to his hand where h reveals the actual 7 of Spades - dedicated to my late friend Randall Freeman.

( This effect can be achieved Anywhere, Anytime with Any card with no forcing or heavy sleight of hand )

Printed on the new Type 0 ( our best quality ) and Fulfilled by Madison Playing Cards.